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Mary Namatovu

July 15th, 2014||

When Molly Namatovu first heard about solar light systems she knew she had to have one. Several years later, the 56-year old grandmother of 7 became the first person in her community of Kitengesa, near Masaka, to receive a FINCA Micro Energy loan.

Madina Namanda

July 15th, 2014||

Amidst the expanse of prickly green leaves and hazy blue sky, a lone woman can be seen moving along with ease. Guided by instinct and experience, she spots what she is looking for – a perfectly ripe pineapple. She gently bends and with one quick turn of her wrist, cuts the fruit free. She grins with satisfaction and proceeds to collect a few more before heading back to share her prize.

Cissy Sekyewa

July 14th, 2014||

Born in 1968 in a peasant family of 5 where she is the only one surviving, Cissy has seen and done it all. Cissy studied up to senior five but due to lack of school fees, she dropped out in 1984 and started working as a shop attendant in Kampala in order to survive. Here she was earning a salary of Shs. 20,000 per month.

Florence Nabukenya

July 12th, 2014||

Florence Nabukenya and her husband care for three children of their own as well as four orphans, who were left to them by Florence’s siblings when they died of HIV/AIDS. Before Florence became a FINCA client in 1993, the family of nine shared a single bedroom in a very small house in Namuwongo, a slum in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

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