At FINCA Uganda, we understand that customer service is a full team effort, not just the responsibility of frontline staff. Indeed, customer experience is every employee’s responsibility and thus FINCA has put in place channels to obtain feedback and communicate with customers. Channels include: call center, customer helplines, e-mail, website, suggestion boxes and complaint/compliment registers in our branches. From time to time, we also carry out customer meetings at branches and customer visitations at their business premises in order to exchange first-hand feedback with our customers.

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Our Customer Support Center employees operate on the following principles:


Because we value our customers, our first step is to be engaged. Therefore, we have well-trained Customer Relationship Officers in all our branches who are the first point of contact. Our customer helpline telephones, E-mail address, suggestion boxes and Perl desk provide the other platforms through which our customers can contact us.


We talk to customers with open-mindedness and in a professional manner to help them make informed decisions. We conduct regular training for our new staff and refresher courses in customer service so as to keep our staff abreast with the ever-changing customer needs and expectations.


One of our most important functions is to understand the needs of our customers so that we are able to address them appropriately. We have a clear picture of what customers really want and we are committed to ensuring that their needs and expectations are met satisfactorily. We therefore encourage our customers to utilize the feedback channels put in place so we can better meet their needs.

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