Mary Lilian Nabunya Manyonga – Head of Human Resources.

“The traditional view of diversity through the lens of gender or race is too narrow- as is the old view of leadership .” – The united Nations Conference on Trade and Development 2008.

At FINCA Uganda , we believe that diversity is about people , about the spectrum of differences  and similarities of the human experience . These differences whether in race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, social grouping, experience, seniority, or background add to the uniqueness and our individual ability to add value  and contribute to the success of the organization. It is that culture that values uniqueness.

Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group from another”  – Gert Hofstede

Inclusion is about our group and our culture, the way we are able as FINCA Uganda to utilize the potential vested in our Diversity  by  inviting diverse groups to take part in company life. We are therefore committed to building an inclusive and engaging culture for our employees where diversity and belonging  is embraced  and leveraged across FINCA Uganda .Inclusion  has enabled us attract and retained key talent. Our local staff profile is continually changing, being an employer of choice and having access to the widest talent pool available to give us a competitive edge.

  • Increase in the diversity of nationalities that we are seeking to attract
  • More women have and are entering the workforce in FINCA Uganda
  • Different generations of employees have different values and motivators
  • Specialist skills requiring inclusive executive searches , where talent can be scarce

Belonging simply meaning that all individuals feel accepted for who they are. This supports our commitment to driving superior performance, measuring how successfully we interact as teams individuals, business units and focuses not just on what we achieve but how we achieve it.

As Leaders, we believe that building inclusive and belonging culture for our employees, we will have empowered, motivated and customer focused employees who are able to innovate and work together to create the best solutions for the customers and stakeholders. Flexibility in our leadership style is key, “one size will not fit all”. Our journey toward diversity, inclusion and belonging is driven through the process of Transformation. Transformation is the fundamental change process which affects every aspect of our business either directly or indirectly being virtual of being part of a global company.

At the company wide level, the ultimate purpose of transformation is to address the systematic exclusion of the majority of underrepresented people from full participation, people with disabilities and women. Our end goal is therefore embed diversity  ,inclusion and belonging into FINCA Uganda  and work culture.  Creating the right culture for transformation and diversity to succeed supported by our INSPIRE value driven behavior.