Junior account

Simple, a family-focused savings

Open a savings account tailored for both your child and your family’s financial goals.

Easy savings, confident security

Embark on the path of effortless growth for your savings. Experience a journey that is easy, secure, and trusted.

  • Withdrawal Frequency
    Experience the convenience of one free withdrawal per month.

  • Branch Transactions
    Enjoy free withdrawals and deposits at any of our 30 branches across the country.

  • Free Passport Photos
    Access complimentary passport-sized photos taken at your convenience in any of our branches.

  • Management Fee Free
    Enjoy banking without the burden of account management fees.

  • Interest Earnings
    Watch your savings grow with a 5% annual interest rate on savings exceeding Shs. 50,000.

Account opening is simplified

Embark on your banking journey with a simplified account opening process.

  • Minimal opening
    Ensure an opening balance of UGX 10,000 to initiate your account.

  • Initial Deposit
    Make an initial account deposit of at least UGX 50,000 to activate your account.

  • Age Eligibility
    Applicants must be above 18 years of age to qualify for account opening.

  • National Identification
    Nationals are required to present a valid National ID for processing.

  • Non-National Identification
    Non-nationals must furnish either a Passport or Refugee ID for proper identification.

Application process in details

It is simple and straightforward.

  • 1

    Effortless Online Start
    Begin your journey by initiating the registration process with our user-friendly online application. Witness the instant opening of your account.

  • 2

    Streamlined Registration Completion
    Simplify your account setup by furnishing the required details and swiftly completing the registration process.

  • 3

    Product Variety
    After registration, explore a diverse product option designed to align with your unique preferences.

  • 4

    Rapid Activation
    Experience the ease of immediate account activation, enabling you to promptly utilize your selected products.

  • 5

    Swift Online Activation
    Kickstart your account by initiating the registration process through our seamless online application, ensuring an instant account opening.

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

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