Group account

Effortless savings for your community to grow

Grant financial empowerment to your community through the saving solutions that are accessible and budget-friendly.

Seamless growth, secure trust

Achieve simplicity with our user-friendly group savings, backed by reliable security.

  • Ideal Membership
    Tailored for SACCOs, CLUBs, and GROUPs seeking financial solutions.

  • Secure Savings
    Securely deposit your money in an account designed for safekeeping.

  • Affordable and Flexible
    Experience affordability and flexibility in the terms offered.

  • Convenient Access
    Access your funds conveniently through our fully computerized branch network.

  • Interest Earnings
    Watch your savings grow as your account earns interest.

  • Dual Purpose
    Designed for both savings and transactional purposes.

Account opening made easy

Embark on your banking journey effortlessly with simplified steps to open your account.

  • Required Documentation
    Present the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association.

  • Minimal opening
    Ensure an opening balance of 50,000 for your account.

  • Affordable rate
    Benefit from low account management fees, set at a mere Shs. 1,000 per month.

Application process details

It is simple and straightforward.

  • 1

    Effortless Online Start
    Begin your journey with a hassle-free online application to initiate the registration process, and witness your account open instantly.

  • 2

    Registration Simplified
    Simplify your account setup by furnishing essential details through an easy registration process.

  • 3

    Dive into Product Variety
    After registration, explore a diverse product option designed to align with your unique preferences.

  • 4

    Swift Activation
    Experience the swiftness of instant account activation, enabling you to promptly utilize your selected products.

  • 5

    Seamless Online Onboarding
    Start your account effortlessly with our streamlined online application, ensuring instant account opening for your convenience.

Start your application

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