FINCA ku ssimu account

Reliable, fast, and secure saving

Experience the simplicity of saving and easily achieve your goals.

The simple way to grow your funds

Experience a customized approach to saving, tailored to your needs for a stress-free beginning.

  • Paperless and Easy Process: It is a self-registered service, i.e. for account opening use your mobile phone and USSD code *203#. Experience the convenience of a zero-paperwork application process.

  • Personalized Savings: Tailor your savings plan to suit your preferences and financial goals.

  • Interest Earnings: Earn interest on your savings to make your money work for you.

  • Utility Payments: Effortlessly pay your utility bills through our platform.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals: Conduct seamless deposits and withdrawals to manage your funds.

Tailored savings

Embark on a stress-free journey towards achieving your goals with our customized savings approach.

  • Airtime Purchases
    Top up your airtime with ease directly through the platform.

  • Goal Setting Reminders
    Set and track savings goals to achieve financial milestones and receive free savings reminders to stay on track.

  • Targeted Savings
    Allocate funds toward specific targets to meet your financial objectives.

  • Mini Statement
    Stay informed by checking your account balance and accessing mini statements.

  • Goal Sharing
    Share your financial goals with others, fostering a sense of accountability and motivation.

Effortless onboarding essentials

Begin your financial journey with simplicity. Our account opening process is designed for an effortless start.

  • National Identification
    A National ID is required to be presented for processing.

  • Mobile Network
    Possess an active MTN or Airtel SIM card registered in your name.

  • Mobile Money Account
    Maintain at least one active mobile money account, either with Airtel or MTN.

Application process

It is simple and straightforward.

  • 1

    Online Kickoff
    Commence your financial journey by initiating the registration process through our hassle-free online application, ensuring an instant account opening.

  • 2

    Efficient Registration Completion
    Expedite your account setup by providing the necessary details and efficiently completing the registration process.

  • 3

    Discover Tailored Products
    Post-registration, explore a spectrum of product options carefully crafted to meet your individual needs and preferences.

  • 4

    Immediate Account Activation
    Revel in the speed of instant account activation, allowing you to swiftly leverage your chosen products.

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

Customer Success

“In her own words, “Saving from the comfort of my home, is so wonderful and convenient. I have been saving in a sack at home’.
Christine’s dream is to expand her business and when she retires, her children can take up the business. Unemployment is so high, she doesn’t like her kids to look for jobs but grow the business, she started and has knowledge in to pass on to her children.”
– Nalukwago Christine

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