Call Deposit Account

Competitive interest rates for your investments

Along with competitive interest rates on your funds, enjoy the opportunity of unlimited top-ups.

What is special in what we offer

This product is designed to best serve your savings goals.

  • Indefinite investment periods with no specific duration outlined.
  • No restriction on number of deposits and no period of notice required for withdrawals.
  • No fund management fees.
  • No notice of withdrawal is required.
  • Ability to transfer funds from call account to other current/savings accounts.
Terms and conditions
  • Interest to be earned: 5-7% per annum.
  • Nature of interest: tiered i.e. from 50m-500m – 5%; 501M-1bn – 6%; Above 1bn – 7%.
  • Account opening balance: 50,000,000
  • Minimum balance: NIL
  • Duration: N/A days
  • End date: N/A days
  • No notice period required for withdrawals except for amounts above 1bn, where 48 hours is required.
  • Fees on withdrawals and incoming RTGS/EFT as per tariff guide

Application process, step by step

It is easy and straightforward.

  • 1
    Visit the branch most convenient to you and fill in the account opening forms and KFD for the Call Deposit.
  • 2
    Transfer minimum account opening balance (50m) or make a deposit OTC.
  • 3
    After the above steps you’ll receive an account details.

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The interest is calculated on a tiered basis according to period and amount deposited.
Yes, the interest will be taxed, unless the client or institution is exempted.
Transactions are to be completed at the branch. For withdrawals of amounts above 1Bn, a notice period of 48 hours is required.

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