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This is an account that empowers youth to become financially independent and secure against future risks. Beneficiaries include:

  • Young people ages 12-17: Should be accompanied by Mentors, Parents and Guardians who are above 18 years as co-signer.
  • Young people ages 18-24: Can sign independently.

Product features

  • For youths aged 18-30 years

  • Opening and minimum balance of Shs. 10,000

  • Unlimited deposits

  • Graduate to FINCA Easy or target when you make 31 years

Product benefits

  • No monthly charges

  • Earn 5% interest rate payable per annum

  • Access to digital banking

Requirements to open the account

  • National ID for Ugandans, Passport for foreigners and Refugee ID for Refugees.


A• Your funds will be transferred to any adult savings account of your choice.