Clementine Liaga

My Name is Clementine Liaga

My journey in Finca Uganda:

Finca was my second employment.

I joined Finca in November 1996 as an Accounts Assistant with a Diploma in Business studies (UDBS) which I attained from Makerere University (Business school-Nakawa) now (MUBS).

I worked as an Accounts Assistant for two years and I felt I needed a wider knowledge in what happens in credit so I requested the Human resource Manager in writing to be given chance to work in credit as a credit officer. This was done in August 1999. I did this role of the credit officer (group village banking) for a period of seven years (August 1999 to November2007), by then we had only one branch in Kampala and very many village banking clusters, they used to reshuffle us from one cluster to another but still in Kampala and during that period I received a number of awards for better performance.

In August 2001 I registered at Makerere University for Bachelors in Accounting (B.COM) an evening program. I used to work during day time and in the evening I go and attend classes from 5:30pm to 9:30pm and this lasted for four years. I graduated in 2006.

In September 2007 Finca advertised positions of supervisors (village banking) I applied, did the interviews and in November 2007 I was given my appointment letter as an accounts relations Supervisor-VB attached to Jinja branch. I worked in this role for a period of thirteen years and in four branches: Jinja,Nakulabye,Mukono and Kamuli.

In July 2020 I was deployed in a new department of call centre/ Recovery as a call centre Agent, this is a role am currently doing and am one of the pioneer staff in this department.

One may wonder why I have not changed jobs but when I was young my ambition was to work in a Bank and when I joined Finca and it transformed into an MDI I felt my ambition was fulfilled .


Using my salary and savings from Finca I managed to educate my late brothers and sisters children who were left under my care and am happy now that they are all qualified and working.

Giving back to the community:

I also picked one girl child from one struggling family in my home village, and still using finca salary I managed to educate her from primary one to senior six, she then trained as a teacher, and now teaching in one of the government schools in my home village (she is helping the community).

That has been my journey, I cannot write everything I have experienced and achieved those are the few and I don’t regret working with Finca Uganda .