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  • Customer Notice

    News 11-06-2024

    Dear Esteemed customers, This is to inform you that we will be making changes to our over-the-counter withdrawal tariff with effect from July 12, 2024. The new tariff will be displayed at all our branches , service centers and on the website. For inquiries please call our toll free line 0800262262

  • News 04-04-2024

    FINCA Uganda MDI seeks to automate the IFRS 16 compliance process for its 28 leased branches. This TOR outlines the requirements and expectations for potential vendors with the capacity to provide a comprehensive and automated solution for IFRS 16 compliance.

  • News 11-09-2023

    I joined FINCA Uganda way back in 1998 as a driver attached to Head Office that was located by then at Kamwokya. I have seen FINCA grow from grass root to where it is today because I remember we used to deliver physical cash to clients in bags under the tree. I served in all regions under the same role as a driver.

  • News 07-09-2023

    I joined Finca in November 1996 as an Accounts Assistant with a Diploma in Business studies (UDBS) which I attained from Makerere University (Business school-Nakawa) now (MUBS).

  • News 06-09-2023

    My journey at Finca Uganda starts on 1st August 1997 when I joined as a Credit Officer Trainee at Central branch then located at Lumumba avenue now Ben Kiwanuka branch. At the time, Finca was an NGO (non-profit making) offering only credit to women organized in groups (referred to as village banks) under village banking.

  • News 31-05-2023

    Life is full of surprises, both positive and negative. Although we often celebrate nice surprises, it is important to be prepared for unexpected events that can have a significant impact on our lives. Financial preparation plays a key role in overcoming the challenges that unforeseen circumstances may present. In this article, we look at practical steps to help you financially prepare for unexpected life events.

  • News 22-05-2023

    Are you looking for a short-term credit facility to meet your educational expenses, including school fees, hostel requirements, and scholastic materials? FINCA is here to help you on your journey towards a brighter future with our Education Consumer Loan.

  • News 15-05-2023

    Debt can become a burden that affects not only your financial stability but also your overall well-being. However, by implementing effective debt management strategies, you can regain control over your finances and work towards a debt-free future.

  • News 12-05-2023

    As a business owner, you may find yourself in need of extra funds to take your business to the next level. Taking a loan can be a great option to fuel the growth of your business. However, it is important to use the loan wisely, or else you may end up putting your business at risk. In this essay, we will discuss some tips on how to use a loan to grow your business successfully.

  • News 04-05-2023

    Our everyday lives are impacted by financial services, and finding the right financial partner is essential to attaining our financial objectives. At FINCA Uganda, we offers a variety of financial services to our customers. We provide the solutions that satisfy your specific financial demands, whether you are an individual, a sole proprietor, or a major enterprise. In this video, we’ll look at five factors that should influence your decision to join us.

  • News 03-05-2023

    Life is full of uncertainties, and sometimes, we face unexpected emergencies that can drain our finances. It could be a sudden medical expense, a job loss, or a car repair that requires immediate attention. These situations can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if we don’t have enough savings to cover these expenses. This is where an emergency fund comes in handy. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of having an emergency fund and how to build one. To start, an emergency fund is a safety net that you can rely on when unexpected expenses arise. It’s a financial cushion […]

  • News 25-04-2023

    Uganda is currently hosting an unprecedented number of refugees, with over 1.5 million refugees, including 860,000 children. Refugees in Uganda face several challenges such as poverty, food insecurity, and a lack of access to basic services like healthcare and education. To address these challenges, the Hilton Foundation has awarded a refugee financing grant of $500,000 (UGX 1,870,000,000) to Opportunity Bank Uganda and FINCA Uganda.