FINCA Uganda’s FINCA 2.0 program has seen the digitization of FINCA’s operations leading to over 60% of FINCA’s customer transactions going through non branch channels. In addition the centralization of our business operations including but not limited to collections, credit decisions, and customer engagement means that the role of an accounts relations officer (ARO) is now focused to sales (Customer acquisition). Over the last 24 months, FINCA Uganda has developed sales lead generation and tracking reports (Sales Dashboard) that help in reporting oversight and tracking of ARO performance. While the actual usage of the tools for capturing of sales leads has taken shape, there is a clear disconnect between the sales dashboard and ARO sales performance conversations. As such the quality of leads and conversion of leads remain very low leading to an ineffective sales team that is not achieving their targets on a regular and consistent basis.

What are we looking for?
We looking for a consultant who will work with FINCA to design a sales mentorship/coaching program for its Sales teams. The program is not a training program. It is expected that the consultant will;

  • Spend time to understand the current operations of the sales team.
  • Understand the strengths and areas of improvements of the sales team. This could be through interaction or interviews with the team, monitoring and shadowing the team in their daily operations.
  • Based on this understanding share an in-depth report on the status of the team and a recommend a mentorship/coaching program that will help deliver an effective sales team at execution, oversight and supervisory level.
  • Upon adoption of this report and its recommendations by management, the consultant will execute this program.
  • It is expected that the program will provide not only class room based training or role plays, but on field support with continuous coaching and mentoring of the sales team over a period of sustained and consistent period aimed at achieving a desired behavior change expected of an effective sales team.

Scope and duration:
This consultant is targeting 6 branches each with an average number of 5 sales staff, a supervisor and Branch Manager. This could be done through a phased approach starting with 3 branch locations concurrently or in parallel. We expect the consultant to spend between 4–6 months program working with each location. The results therein will then lead to further consultancy support to scale this with the other 22 FINCA branches over 2024 and 2025.

Expected Outcomes:

  • ARO’s are accountable, take ownership of their daily activities, and know when to ask for help.
  • Targets are consistently met and exceeded. The business is on track to meet revenue goals.
  • Pipelines are filled with qualified, relevant and hot leads
  • Improved lead conversation rates.
  • The sales cycle length is not too exhaustive.
  • Retention rates for ARO’s will improve.

Proposals shall then be submitted in hard copies and addressed to the Chairperson Procurement Committee in the bid box at FINCA Uganda, Plot 11A Acacia Avenue, Kololo, or in soft copy, but password protected to the addresses below and the password shall be sent separately and only to

The closing date for submission of proposals is 28th March 2023.

For any further enquiries, contact FINCA Uganda Administration department before close of business on 21st March 2023 on email: and copy

See documents below;

  1. Due diligence questionnaire
  2. Vendor Anti-corruption certificate
  3. Confidentiality agreement
  4. Declaration of conflict of interest

FINCA Uganda Ltd (MDI) is regulated by Bank of Uganda and Customer Deposits are protected by the Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda up to 10 million shillings.