We recently launched a wide range of Digital Financial Solutions that are geared to give you the power to control your money. These include Internet Banking, Mobile Banking through FINCA Mobile App and USSD (*203#), Digital Field Automation (DFA), VISA powered ATM cards in partnership with UBA and CenteAgent Banking platform in partnership with Centenary Bank.

Digital is here!!! The time is now to embrace change.  More choice, more innovative services, and more flexibility will undoubtedly lead to changes in consumer behavior.

It must be stressed that digitization comes hand-in-hand with the expectation of, and growing demand for, immediacy: the need for “now”. That means shorter response times, faster transaction completion and payment. Speed matters most. Meeting such expectation and demand has, and will continue to have, a deep impact far beyond the systems and firms striving to provide always on, real-time results. In parallel, digitization – mainly due to the spread of mobile devices – boosts participation. That means people are more connected and engaged in the world around them.

FINCA Uganda is a fundamentally customer-focused financial institution with a remarkable record of accomplishment of adapting to what their customers want. And what they want is access to financial services 24 hours a day, in real time, from anywhere in the world, on a reliable, secure platform. It has been a long time since banking meant showing up at a branch during certain hours of the day to withdraw money or apply for a loan. Even the Automated Teller machine, which turned 50 plus years old this year, can at times seem like a quaint relic.

A good customer experience is key to maintaining a valuable market share and retaining a valuable customer base. Digital customer experience will underpin future success or failure. It is also an unparalleled opportunity to delight customers and cement their loyalty.

What is central to FINCA Uganda’s efforts is creating convenience for our clients, so that they have access to financial services anytime, anywhere and using any channels they prefer.

The internet brought online financial services into homes and offices, but mobile is now eclipsing that technology. Everyone with a smartphone now has financial services access in his or her pocket. Millennials and younger generations think of banking as just another app on their phones and they increasingly shun cash.

Of course, none of these advances would be possible without technology. Uganda’s fertile innovation has brought expanded competition and customer choice to the landscape. Services include but not limited to payments and deliver new ways for people and businesses to buy things, pay suppliers and transfer money.

As you are aware, the realization of VISION 2030 is anchored upon enhancing financial inclusion towards socio-economic development. In this era, innovation has become a strategic resource and the foundation of most economic activity both at an individual and institutional level. In recognition of the role that strategic partnership plays, FINCA has collaborated with Centenary Bank to offer Agency banking services to its customers and formed a relationship with United Bank of Africa to extend ATM-VISA services to its customers.

FINCA is committed towards engaging alliances that enable it function as a fully-fledged financial institution. To realize our objectives, FINCA seeks the support of varied strategic partners.