Our mission is to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.
We fulfill this through our products and services and also through our Corporate social responsibility such as the +10 scholarship fund where we pay tuition for 11 students at higher institutions of learning.
Meet Kiberu Hamza Galiwango one of the beneficiaries of the programme ,His story highlights the plight many of families in Uganda today.
“No student can sit for their semester exams without having paid school fees but for Hamza most of the time he did his exams with his cash tuition next to his table simply because his mother always got it at the last minute; either an evening before his exam or that very morning of the exam”

This is Kiberu Hamza Galiwango’s Story.
I lost my father at a tender age of 3 days due to an accident and this left all the responsibilities of raising and taking care of us to my mother. However, as it is always wished for that a bad beginning precedes a good end, the loss of my father has given me the dream to start a non- government organization to support orphans and all those in need if all goes well in the future.
Becoming a mechanical engineer was my dream from childhood as I loved being in the workshop environment repairing bicycles and motorcycles. My love for engineering increased even the more as I watched my grandfather – a fitter mechanic do his job. As I grew up, I developed the love of starting a garage and workshop to repair vehicles, carryout research about running engines and to employ my fellow youth who are unemployed but have got the skills.
However, I could not achieve all this at an earlier stage as I was limited by funds and skills to deal with the profession. This has prompted me to get committed to my academics albeit the challenge of raising school fees. As a single parent, my mother has struggled to do whatever it takes to fund my education up to High school in addition to taking care of my siblings.
In 2015, I sat for my High school examinations but at this point my mother felt that she could not support me any further with my academics because of her unfavorable financial position; besides, I needed much more money to join the university or any other tertiary institution for that matter than before. When the results were released, I was among the best students in my school but I didn’t qualify for a government scholarship at the university. Fortunately, during my vacation, I got a small job at Kyambogo University and was able to save some money which I used to apply for a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering course at the same University. However, I did this without the knowledge of my mother for fear to stress her emotionally. Fortunately ,I was admitted for the same course I had applied for. At this time,I broke the news to my mother and she was happy for me but was also sad that she had no money to finance my university education.
A few days later, as she was sharing with a friend, my mother was advised to acquire a group loan from FINCA Uganda which she would use to pay my tuition and repay in manageable monthly installments. She took the piece of advice and acquired the loan and I was able to enroll for my first semester. Although my worries were far from over (as I was thinking about the rest of the semesters) I somehow believed God had a better plan for me.
In a family of 2, I am the lucky one who will soon obtain a bachelor’s degree. With my education, I am determined to make my family’s life and mine better because I owe them everything that I am; especially my beloved mother.
As fate would have it, in January 2017, FINCA Uganda launched and the announcement their education scholarship fund to support students at tertiary institutions of learning. My mother requested that we take the chance and apply. Although we had little hope of winning, we needed to try our luck.
After a period of about two months after my application, I received a phone call from FINCA that I had qualified and would be granted the scholarship. I was overjoyed and my mother couldn’t contain her tears of joy as she now had hope that I would be able to graduate from school and the pressure to look for school fees has reduced.
I thank FINCA Uganda for helping me pursue my dream and I am sure I will soon finish my course and graduate as a mechanical engineer – the one I have always dreamt of becoming. I thank my mother too for laying the necessary foundation that nurtured my dream.