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Embark on a journey to discover flexible loan repayment plans that cater to your agricultural growth.

An adaptable agriculture loan for you

Explore the flexibility of our loan repayment plans, customized to suit you.

  • Amount Flexibility
    Choose a loan amount that suits your needs, with a minimum of 1 million UGX and a maximum of 700 million UGX.

  • Simple Processing
    Experience accelerated loan processing, with approval within 2-3 business days upon submitting all required documents.

  • Competitive Rates
    Access loans with competitive and affordable interest rates, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Tailored repayment options

Uncover the Agriculture Loan, where you’ll find repayment plans designed to align with your cash flow.

  • Extended Repayment Period
    Enjoy a maximum repayment period of up to 24 months for working capital loans.

  • Extended Terms
    If the loan purpose is to buy assets, extend the term to a maximum of 60 months for added flexibility.

  • Flexible Repayment
    Choose repayment plans tailored to your cash flow, with a grace period of up to 6 months.

Easy qualification process

Navigate through a straightforward qualification process for quick access to financial solutions, built on principles of responsible lending, emphasizing fairness and transparency.

  • Account Requirement
    To initiate the loan process, it is essential to have an active account with FINCA.

  • Value Chain Focus
    Projects eligible for funding must be involved in activities within the agricultural value chain.

  • Farming Experience
    Applicants should have a minimum of two successful seasons/cycles of commercial farming and possess a solid understanding of the market.

  • Relevant Licensing
    For agro-traders and processors, possessing the necessary licensing is a prerequisite for loan eligibility.

  • Income Sources
    Demonstrate additional reliable income sources that can be utilized for loan repayment in scenarios such as crop failure, poor harvests, or challenging market conditions.

  • Ownership Documentation
    Documentary evidence proving ownership of the farm used for production or present a valid lease/tenant agreement covering at least two future seasons/cycles.

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Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process.

Customer Success

“I became involved with FINCA and realized life could be different.”
My first loan was for 100,000 shillings ($40 USD), which I used to purchase necessary items for my family and business. Since then, I have been through 47 loan cycles with FINCA, using the funds to grow my many business ventures. Currently, thanks to FINCA support I can operate a 12-acre pineapple plantation, a 3-acre coffee plantation, and a commercial poultry farm”
– Madinah Namanda

Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to provide feedback on your loan application within 48 hours once all required documents have been submitted.

Our interest rates vary based on factors such as loan amount, terms, and conditions including grace periods and advance payments. Contact us for personalized details.

We accept physical securities such as Registered Land (including Titles like Freehold, Lease, or Mailo) and Unregistered land (Kibanja), along with Car Logbooks.

To qualify, Ugandans need a National ID, non-Ugandans require a Passport, and Refugees need a Refugee ID.

For an Agriculture Loan, a minimum of 6 months of experience in running an agricultural business is required. If you don’t meet this criterion, explore our diverse range of loan products in the Borrow section on this page for alternative solutions.

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